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Brad Pitt Falmouth : Cornwall

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that the press were swarming around the quay to get an exclusive shot of Brad Pitt. We’ll I’m delighted to reveal that Falmouth Boat Hire got the first ever shot of Brad Pitt in Falmouth! We are delighted to have carried the press out on boats who shot the […]

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Custom House Quay

What a beautiful picture this is that was shot about 8am one morning by the cool lads from Splash News. They were in town to capture Brad Pitt (which they did) but they also captured this magnificent shot of Custom House Quay Falmouth, the home of falmouth hire boats. Nice one lads!

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Brad Pitt Falmouth

Today was quite an interesting day with dozens of paparazzi hovering around Custom House Quay looking for a way to get out to boat moored off the Northern Arm in Falmouth Docks. Why you may ask? Well Brad Pitt is in town and he’s apparently producing and acting in a new film about zombies. Looking […]

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