Boat for Tall Ships Falmouth

As Falmouth sets the stage, in this case, the seas, for the much-anticipated 2014 Tall Ships Regatta, many of its locals and tourists would probably want to be front and center of the action. With all the festivities lined up for those three days, the regatta is sure to be biggest, if not one of the biggest events, to happen to Falmouth this year. After all, the place is known to showcase these wonderfully crafted tall ships. While not everyone would have the chance to sail in one of those gigantic ships, there is a way that gets you closest to the real thing, get a boat for tall ships Falmouth!

Falmouth is one of UK’s best and most sought after sailing areas. What with hidden treasures just waiting to be unlocked in the River Fal or in the Falmouth Bay, there are a myriad of opportunities to learn and enjoy sailing or cruising. Whatever kind of boat you choose for you and your family, you can be sure that there is a boat for tall ships Falmouth waiting for you.

This year, all roads, or better yet, all sails lead to Falmouth as it hosts the 2014 Tall Ships Regatta. Organised by Sail Training International, this is a unique opportunity for everyone, from all ages to witness a world class showcase of tall ships. Falmouth is such a great location to hold an event as big as this. This town alone is frequented by tourists who would like to get their sailing experience on the right track, as Falmouth offers the best views and nearby establishments that can be enjoyed by families and friends looking for a great time.

Come August 2014, a boat for tall ships Falmouth should be in everyone’s checklist. Wouldn’t you want to get up close to the sight of white sail tips cruising through Falmouth? With more than 40 vessels from all over the world, these ships are going to be in Falmouth for three days of festivities, just before the August 31 race. Sailing enthusiasts are encouraged to have their own boat for tall ships Falmouth so they can take part in the sailing action. There is no better way to enjoy such an activity like this than to be in the waters yourselves. And getting into a boat for tall ships Falmouth seems to be the best idea!

So whether you choose to go cruising through the River Fal or brave the waters of the Falmouth Bay, a boat for tall ships Falmouth is sure to give you that satisfying and one-of-a-kind experience. If you can’t wait until the 2014 Regatta and would want to jumpstart your sailing adventure, come on over to us and get acquainted with the town’s sailing community. This is most definitely a good way to get yourself all-ready until those magnificent Tall Ships make their way into the Falmouth waters.

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