Boats for Rent in Cornwall

Remember a time when having fun involved going outdoors and really do something active? Well, at this day and age, with all the demands of a really hectic lifestyle, how does one find a time to just rest and relax?

Here at Falmouth, we offer so many options for all of you who would want to take a sweet escape from your busy schedules. Aside from the scenic spots, we offer something that you surely would not think twice of doing. How about renting out one of the boats in Falmouth and head for a sailing or cruising adventure!

Why Falmouth?

As one of the UK’s leading sailing areas, Falmouth boasts of giving you an experience of really getting away from it all. Whether you want to go alone or with friends or family, sailing through the waters of Falmouth is quite a unique alternative to just going out of town to take in the sights. Well, you can also take in the sights, and even sounds, in Falmouth while exploring the scenery, great wildlife, and try some of their fantastic food.

The rugged coastlines of Cornwall also give you a feel of the fishing villages around the city. Dig deeper and the bays of Cornwall will give you its maritime’s rich history. Just perfect for someone who would like to give their minds a break from the pressures of work, or even school!

Why Falmouth Boat Hire?

When it comes to offering the best boating experience, Falmouth Boat Hire opens to its guests the best of what sailing has to offer. Whether you are a beginner or a season seafarer, Falmouth Boat Hire takes you on a boating adventure that will surely take your mind of from the pressures of your everyday life. The qualified sailing instructors and attendants are always available to answer all your inquiries to set your mind at ease before you set sail.

If you’re thinking of taking a breather either for a few hours, half a day, or even the entire day, Falmouth Boat Hire will accommodate you and assure you of a one-of-a-kind boating experience. Gather up the family and enjoy a picnic on board! Or, go on your own and enjoy alone time to bask in the sights. Boating in Falmouth does not really require an occasion for your to be in the waters; but in any case, a celebration on board is not bad either!

Boats for rent in Cornwall Now.


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