Brad Pitt Falmouth

Today was quite an interesting day with dozens of paparazzi hovering around Custom House Quay looking for a way to get out to boat moored off the Northern Arm in Falmouth Docks. Why you may ask?

Well Brad Pitt is in town and he’s apparently producing and acting in a new film about zombies. Looking over at the docks I saw the boat in question which looked as if it had been waxed up to appear to look like ice or snow, having returned from the antarctic.

We hired a few boats out to the press who were seeking those exclusive shots of Brad Pitt and while we don’t have any to show you yet we may well have some soon.

Being so close to action I’m sure Brat Pitt will show up someone before too long.

Naturally the best way to possibly get to see Brad Pitt in Falmouth is indeed by hiring a boat from us!

Give us a call.

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