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Boat for Tall Ships Falmouth

As Falmouth sets the stage, in this case, the seas, for the much-anticipated 2014 Tall Ships Regatta, many of its locals and tourists would probably want to be front and center of the action. With all the festivities lined up for those three days, the regatta is sure to be biggest, if not one of […]

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Boating Holiday in Cornwall

There is never a better time to put a little spin in your holiday adventure. While others are all set to spend it at a specific place, you and your loved ones can spend it basking in the exquisite views that Cornwall boasts with a boating holiday in Cornwall. Exploring Falmouth is such a sweet […]

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Easter Weekend Things To Do

It’s Easter weekend things to do! We’re off to a start on this Easter weekend with boat hire! I’m delighted we’ve let some boats already, no sooner did we turn up for work and customers were seeking us out. It’s also great that the phone has been ringing for more bookings for the Easter weekend. […]

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