Tall Ships Falmouth, set to host regatta in 2014

Come 2014, all eyes will be on Falmouth as it hosts the Iberian Tall Ships Regatta 2014. The town has been a popular port for tall ships, hosting regattas in 1966, 1998, and 2008.

Sailing has always been a part of Falmouth’s heritage. These tall ships have been a source of livelihood for those involved in mercantile trade. However, packet ships stopped trading when they were replaced with their more modern equivalent. This hasn’t stopped the locales of Falmouth having some of the vessels restored, not for trading, but for sail training.

The upcoming regatta will be hosted by Sail Training International and Falmouth has been chosen as a start port for the Tall Ships Race. The Falmouth Tall Ships Association, on the other hand, continues to welcome training vessels and its crew. Together, the 2014 regatta promises to be an event that should not be missed. The two organisations have been known to advocate sailing and this has worked so well with Falmouth, being so rich in history when it comes to sailing and water sports. Despite the cessation of tall ships trade, experiencing Falmouth will give you a glimpse of this period in their history as the people never neglected sailing one bit. Sailing is one of the best and most recommended activities when you are visiting Falmouth.

The upcoming Falmouth Festival, where the regatta is its highlight, promises you an adventure that you will never forget. Being a part of this great event immerses you into the rich culture of Falmouth. Mercedes, a Dutch brigantine and one of the most famous tall ships, will visit Falmouth over the Easter break. In the past, Mercedes has hosted a number of local firms in Falmouth. In one of its visits, one company arranged an evening aboard the ship with their friends and clients. The ship has become popular in the corporate entertainment market. This month, Mercedes is open for you to experience its 4-hour day and evening sails, between March 29 and April 1. This is a one-of-a-kind experience where you get to appreciate the spectacular view of Falmouth. This is a treat for you and your loved ones, which will also give you a sneak peak of what is going to happen come 2014, which is certain to put Falmouth in the forefront business and tourism.

Falmouth Tourism

Falmouth’s greatest strength to its visitors and even its locales is the preservation of its rich culture and heritage. Come to Falmouth and you will get to experience how people in the past enjoyed their time here. With the upcoming Falmouth Festival and the regatta as its highlight, it is expected that this event will draw more than its usual number of visitors. When it hosted the 2008 regatta, the town drew about 100,000 visitors. You can enjoy, not only the ships setting sail during the festival, but also a wide range of fun activities for your family and friends. During this time, Falmouth comes alive tricks and treats you can enjoy. Carnivals are set up for you to spend time with your loved ones. You also get to taste some of the greatest food that Falmouth has to offer. Children’s art also abound during the festival where you can take your little ones for a fun day of drawings, crafts, and anything that can keep their hands working. Spend your evenings aboard one of the ships as you see the skies at night lit up with fireworks all over the town.

Falmouth Economy

No wonder that the 2014 regatta will also contribute to Falmouth’s local economy. While Falmouth Tall Ships Association say that financial risk and fundraising continue to be a risk in keeping these vessels, you would never guess how the festival helps boost the economy. When Falmouth was a host port in 2008, the town saw a growth of £12 million for its local economy. With all the national and international media attention given to Falmouth, the town is set to become another target for business ventures among entrepreneurs.

The announcement of the return of the regatta in Falmouth has already created a buzz among tourists and locales in Falmouth. With the town being the 3rd largest natural harbor in the world, the view of tall ships sailing through is already enough to get you excited. The organisers are set to make an announcement on the specific dates that you need to watch out for. This is another experience Falmouth offers that you definitely should not miss.

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