Ten Things to Do in Falmouth (…though ten really is not enough)

Falmouth locals and visitors will both agree that a weekend is not enough to enjoy Falmouth to its fullest. Falmouth is such a magnificent town that it has become a popular tourist destination, not only for its sights and activities, but also for its people. Talk to any Falmouth local and he will give you a long list of things families, friends, individuals, or groups can engage in. Here are our favourite ten.

Boat Hire

Falmouth has an amazing estuary full of wildlife an idyllic greeks. Navigate the waters of River Fal with your own boat and you will discover it is nothing short of a tour of the most memorable you will ever do.


With the town surrounded mostly by water, beach lovers are in for an experience of the sandy shores and a wide range of water sports available for everyone. Whether lounging on the beach alone or with a group, spending time in Falmouth’s popular beaches must not be missed. Our favourite is Meanporth beach.

Local Ale

Friends looking for a good time with drinks must try the local ale. There’s even an annual Falmouth Beer Festival – a must for real ale lovers and just about everyone. With a wide range of beers to choose from, there is really something for everyone!

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is a good place to get cultured in Falmouth. With activities, workshops, and exhibits happening all year round, visitors are enriched with a bits and pieces of Falmouth history.

Greenbank Hotel and Restaurant

This is definitely a place to visit! Enjoy fresh seafood and produce while over looking the incomparable Fal estuary. The trained staff make every stay an experience to remember!

Pendennis Castle

Some history? Henry VIII? This is where everyone should be when it is sights and sound of battle one is looking for. For a great value family day out in Cornwall, take a trip to Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, one of the finest of the mighty fortresses built by Henry VIII to defend the country against invasion. The castle has seen action in many conflicts and was one of the last royalist strongholds to fall during the English Civil War.

Trebah Gardens

Trebah Gardens is where every visitor finds nothing but beauty and serenity. Discover the magic of this beautiful Cornish valley garden with over four miles of footpath. Explore under canopies bursting with exotic blooms. Follow vibrant tunnels of colour that cascade down to our very own secluded beach on the Helford River.

Cornish Art Gallery

Falmouth has certainly inspired a number of artists, sailors, explorers, and musicians. Every art gallery reflects how the town has provided solace, sanctuary, and escape for its locales and visitors. Check out Sophi’s Cornish Art Gallery.

Go Fishing

An extra for everyone who is into boating! Turn your holiday experience into a relaxing and productive one with an activity that never gets old, fishing on the fal.

Eat Pasty from Choak

Learn about how this family turned baking pasties into a popular activity in Falmouth. Watch how a pasty is made and get to experience making your own with their Falmouth pasty school!

Everything in Falmouth exudes vibrancy and the locals have a sense of relaxation and inspiration in their DNA. The town boasts its preserved culture and history that makes every stay Falmouth feel like you are living in a totally different world, if only for the weekend. We hope you found our things to do in falmouth list helpful – stay tuned, we’ve more on the way!

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