You give up things when you hire a self-drive boat from Falmouth Boat Hire. Things like stress, worry and the daily routine

Custom House Quay Falmouth - the home of the longest standing boat hire business in Cornwall

What makes Falmouth Boat Hire the highest quality boat hire service in Cornwall? There is no magic it’s the amazing place we live in that does it.

When I was a lad I had the best job in the World. During the spring and summer I would leave school and rush down to Custom House Quay to help out on the self-drive boats. It was magical, a young teenage boy working on boats and learning about knots and the tides, getting sun kissed every day, I was hooked.

Becoming a joint Director in Falmouth Boat Hire last year, one of the longest standing boat business in Falmouth, has re-ignited my passion for the sea, for the River Fal, for the majestic sublime place we all live in, Falmouth.

It really does give me a great deal of pleasure seeing customers returning to the Quay having hired a boat for a day, or half a day and seeing how relaxed they are, how comfortable they have become with the outdoors. It’s absolutely true that a trip out on one of our boats for the day is literally an amazing experience. Those of you who have been lucky enough to have grown up with boats, will know full well what I refer to here, the experience of calm and tranquility of the River Fal. Your worries and stress drift away with the salty fresh air, the kids adore it and relish spotting some of the amazing wildlife in the estuary.

It is surely a crime that many local people have not had this opportunity. This is where Falmouth Boat Hire really provides a great service for local people. You can take your family out wildlife spotting, enjoy the river, dine on a picnic and make your way up the estuary in the shadow of Trelissick Gardens, Smugglers Cottage and head towards Malpus, the land that time forgot.

You don’t need any experience to hire a boat from us, we give you full instruction and a map, and we are on the end of a phone for your entire trip. It’s very much safe family fun, and we can’t wait to see your face upon returning, with a beaming relaxed smile and calm kids.

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